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Our soy team has extensive knowledge in the commercialization of FOB Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and CIF / CnF contracts for Europe and Asia, and its main focus is the Chinese market as its main destination (about 70% of all Brazilian soy exported is destined for China as the world's largest consumer).


Through close relationships with producers, cooperatives, Brazilian brokers and consumers of soy and derived products, we benefit from ample access to international markets.


We track pricing and logistics information in real time to offer a wide and diverse range of information and competitive advantages to our customers.


Our corn trading desk sells and exports Brazilian FOB contracts and CIF / CnF contracts in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, these regions being the main destinations for Brazilian corn exports: Iran, Spain, Vietnam and Japan.


Through close relationships with international companies, international distributors and feed producers, we have open access to the Asian market.


Our pricing and logistics information is in real time and can bring benefits to our customers.



- Pellets: 47/48% Profat (Protein + Fat), 7% Fiber, 12.5% ​​Moisture
- Hipro: 48% protein, 3.5% fiber, 12.5% ​​moisture.
- Lowpro 45.5% or 44% Protein, 7% Fiber, 12.5% ​​moisture.
- Soybean Protein Concentrate (SPC) 62% protein, 5% fiber and 10% moisture.


Our main consumers are located in Europe in countries like Holland, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Ireland, among others. More specifically for the Hipro Market, they are mainly concentrated in Europe and Asia, in countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam have been our focus.


For the SPC, the main destinations are concentrated in Chile, Norway and Korea.


Through its close relations with Brazilian producers and cooperatives and consumers of soy and derived products in addition to extensive contractual expertise, we benefit from ample access to the Asian market and also benefit from notorious international approval in the vegetable protein market.


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