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About us

Innovation, high performance, strategic vision and integrated solutions for the entire agribusiness sector

Pine Agronegócios is a commercial company focused on international trade in agricultural commodities and food.


We provide access to specialized logistics and access directly to international markets, reducing overall marketing costs, increasing efficiency and turnover.


With integrated solutions throughout the supply chain, we offer consultancy in all stages, including hedge transactions through derivatives, accessing the main commodity exchanges in the world - CBOT, ICE, B3 - reducing financial risks; integrated logistics, adding internal transport, port operation and international transport by containers or chartering.


We are passionate about our work and intensely focused on acting at the highest level. Our success requires us to "think outside the box". We enjoy the experience and have an insatiable appetite for learning.

High performance in all services

Investment in operational excellence is vital for the longevity of agribusiness

Continuous innovation helps us to offer the best of Pine Agronegócios to our customers. This requires us to be respectfully anti-bureaucratic to challenge the status quo and not be afraid of failure. We are proud of our history and our innovative approach has been the basis of our success.

We believe that our customers and our team are essential to our success and that being agile allows them to provide proactive and timely solutions. Our roots are anchored in hard work and innovation. We build and maintain strong relationships. We pride ourselves on a culture of rapid response, efficient management and market knowledge; all the important facets to increase the value of our customers and partners.



When innovation in its broadest concept is applied to all business processes, operational excellence is achieved, a vital component to ensure the longevity of the enterprise.

Continuous Improvement

High performance is one of the pillars of Pine Agronegócios, the result of continuous improvement carried out with economic, environmental and social sustainability, so that agribusiness reaches its full potential.

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